Why you have to change fragrances in summer

For the next three months, I recommend light, ethereal perfumes like water.

Dense and concentrated perfumes take a step back and open the way to easier wearing olfactory creations that bet on the freshness of citrus, ozone and aromatic notes to the detriment of more opulent juices. Subtle and natural, they are easy to carry and are formulated with cold spices, ethereal ingredients and marine accords that introduce the spirit of freedom typical of these days into a bottle.

All brands launch their summer editions, exclusive versions that are only available for a limited time and that if you don’t enjoy them now, you will miss them. They are like summer loves: fresh, intense and without compromise.

But that they are discreet does not mean that their durability in skin is less than the usual perfumes: their persistence is achieved thanks to the use of aromatic woods that fix the odor and make it evolve correctly. If you want to extend the life of your summer fragrance, apply it to the pulse areas (neck, inner side of the arms and wrists) because in them the body temperature is a little higher and the essences evaporate more slowly.

So now you know, take the freshness of summer on your skin, choose a light perfume and enjoy the best time of year.

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