Why is yoga in fashion?

Why is yoga in fashion

The answer to this question is simple and it is that the ancient practice really works. The stress of modern life, the speed and voracity with which the multiple activities demand and divide our attention is equally proportional to the search of human beings to appease it and reconnect inwards. 

Various movements and philosophies aim to regain harmony, balance and inner peace. Among all, yoga, which seems to those who do not know, only physical, is on the contrary a fundamentally spiritual discipline. Therein lies the heart and the secret of its success.

Some believe that it is gymnastics, others approach in search of reflection and calm, others associate it with religion and difficult positions to achieve. Millennial practice is all that and more. It is a holistic method of personal development, the oldest and encompasses the person in a holistic way. That is, in all its aspects and manifestations. And above all, in the physical, mental and emotional bodies. Its purpose is to lead the practitioner to balance that leads him to a state of health and fullness.

It is not oriented to an end, but its beneficial effects of a habitual practice are undeniable and reach various aspects of life. One is a yogi when eating, thinking, bonding, etc. On the other hand, the characteristics of western society make it lose in some way the true essence and philosophy of this tradition. However, there is no impediment for people to take from yoga what benefits them, serves them to grow, feel fully and live their lives in harmony. 

A superficial contact will not be relevant, but if the practitioner manages to maintain himself constantly in his daily practice, he will realize that a change in his way of seeing life operates, because through the toning and relaxation of the body, and in the quieting of the mind, an inner peace is achieved that is the true nature of the human being.

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