What was the mythical perfume according to your year of birth?

 The fragrances that marked an era are those that also left their mark on the memory of the different generations
Eau de Rochas, 1970.
Smell of mom. There is none that did not treasure it in her bathroom at that time. It was one of the most gifted fragrances of that decade and until the 90’s it was very popular. Its citrus and fresh notes suggested that it was ideal for every woman at all times and in any place.
Anaïs Anaïs, de Cacharel, 1978.
She marked her time so much that it is still in force and in the windows of perfumeries and freeshops after 30 years. It is a scent that mothers passed to their daughters and smelled of fleur de lis, rose and jasmine in an almost timeless vessel, childish, sweet and fresh.
Paris, YSL, 1983.
An intense perfume for an intense decade that was the 80’s. It was one of the most popular of that time and there are still versions developed by the Yves Saint Laurent house inspired by the original. An ultra feminine fragrance with rose and violet as the main notes and seasoned with a spicy touch of cloves.
Trésor, by Lancôme, 1990
The bottle was a fetish and object of desire for its shape of a sort of inverted pyramid. Many women kept it after the scent was gone.
It was undoubtedly one of the most sensual and irresistible fragrances. So much so that Isabella Rosellini was the first image to have the perfume that evokes and pays tribute to women. Later they were Juliette Binoche, Kate Winslet and Penelope Cruz.
CK One, Calvin Klein, 1994
Unforgettable and fresh, like the young Kate Moss who was beginning to stand out in the world of fashion and was all the rage through her features different from what the models offered up to that moment. This Calvin Klein fragrance also innovated for being one of the first unisex. Perfect representative of generation X and minimalist style.
Flower by Kenzo, 2000
It soon became a must have among women. Advertising for her captivated almost as much as her scent. The Bulgarian rose, jasmine and incense result in a vibrant fragrance that makes it a dynamic, soft and voluptuous perfume at the same time.

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