What is nutricosmetics?

A way to take care of your beauty inside.

That someday we would get to drink and eat beauty was something imaginable. Wellness trends go hand in hand with technology, the advancement of science by the laboratories and the incessant search. Today we know that from juices and capsules that are ingested we can benefit from properties such as our creams. Welcome and welcome, then, to nutricosmetics.

A simple example is coffee with properties. It is a drink enriched with hyaluronic acid and other vitamins that stimulates cell renewal, reduces redness of delicate skin, reactivates circulation, prevents aging, reduces cellulite and minimizes excess fat. One of the pioneers is Q77 +, which also promises quality flavor and excellent coffee to enjoy.

In the case of capsules, they are perhaps somewhat better known. For several years, there have been specific ones for hair as a dietary supplement that seeks to stop the fall and gives it shine, vitality and strengthening from the roots. In this case, the brands are multiple and you find it in pharmacies and perfumeries. Drinkable collagen follows the same logic and format: it comes in capsules and acts from the inside to replace the loss of it that is suffered over time. It is an effective product since collagen is responsible for the thickness, firmness and elasticity of the skin. Its doses are capable of counteracting the natural gradual loss, making it a great option for those who want to look younger. In addition, there are brands that offer it in the form of fruit flavored juice, made up of fruits, vegetables, fish collagen and hyaluronic acid. Buy a bottle and dilute a tablespoon in a glass of water. The most recognized is Glow, from Eiralabs.

Another is the case of Beauty and Go juice, enriched with rosehip, aloe vera and hyaluronic acid. A true miracle of science, which also promises to be exquisite. Its antioxidant content helps improve the appearance of the skin with a flavor of pomegranate and peach. It has no added sugar and is available from Amazon.

In the event that your concern is the nails, do not despair that you also have an option. Based on blueberry, there are several capsules that strengthen them. One of the most popular is Tummy Box. It also acts on the health and beauty of the hair.

Research, ask and tour gondolas because surely different ways of enhancing beauty from the inside will continue to emerge. And always remember to consult an expert.

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