What is behind a perfume?

All fragrances hide a nose or perfumer who created it.

But how is it formed? How many aromas are you able to distinguish? Well there is a world renowned IFIPCA school in Versailles, France. There, different professions related to the world of aromas are taught. A good nose is key but also the mind, creativity and vision. Memory is the key to recognizing smells and perfumers have it super trained. The favorite aromas of specialists are almost always floral aromas and of course, they tend to be great fans of gastronomy, where there is a universe of smells almost as large as in their field. Sometimes this culinary world even works as inspiration. It is ultimately about emotions. From what each aroma can awaken and thus, they work creating fusions that sometimes become identifiable for a person if they adopt it for years.
It is a profession in which the care of the work tool, that is, the nose, is key. Smoking is discouraged and the great perfumers confess that they usually place a few drops of seawater in each nostril.
A perfume is created, then, by means of a formula designed by a nose that mixes basic elements, which are natural and synthetic, and that in the laboratory, later, alcohol will be added in its right proportion. As a curious fact, these perfume professionals usually wear fragrances on their clothes and not on their skin, unless it is a very fresh one, which gives that sensation, and in that case, they place it on their chest.

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