What are serums?

Basic dictionary to use them

The facial sermum is a product whose main characteristic is its high concentration of active ingredients. added to its rapid absorption and penetration. According to its concentration, it will be able to reach deeper layers of the skin. Its finish is not greasy, so it allows applying the usual cosmetic treatment to the face. By having high concentration, it has more visible effects in less time.

In addition, there are hair serums. These are water based, with a high concentration of active ingredients to treat hair as well. It is used to treat the hair root in cases of lack of density and volume, also in cases of loss. It acts on the hair follicle, the part of the skin that leads to hair growth. Also, there is to treat the hair shaft when it is damaged.

In the case of facial serum, we must choose according to the type of skin and the objective that we have, the components that they have and the results that can be obtained. For example, to combat wrinkles, the suitable one will be the serum that has epiderfil. It is made of fragmented hyaluronic acid that penetrates the deepest layers of the skin, quickly absorbs water and fills expression lines from the inside out.

As for the capillary, there are two different types: one, which treats the scalp, hydrating and nourishing it; and another, to repair the condition of the hair, with a more aesthetic and immediate purpose. They usually come in liquid or semi-liquid form.

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