To travel or carry in your wallet, perfumes in different formats

Has it happened to you to go away on a trip or to work meetings that will take all day and not wear your favorite perfume for fear that the delicate packaging will break? Then this note is for you.
It often happens that we want to leave light or light loads and a perfume bottle is too precious an object to walk around, with the consequent risk that the bottle may break. In addition, its size does not collaborate and we end up sacrificing this fundamental item when it comes to conceiving a look, adding well-being and beauty.
Not to despair. There are solutions. There is solid perfume. One of the best alternatives to travel. They look like lipstick with an elegant, practical and super comfortable format. You can take it everywhere and it is suitable for the plane. You can retouch when and how you want. You can easily carry it in your bag or purse, even in a party envelope or fanny pack. Its alcohol-free formula is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive ones. There are also other formats if this is not yours. Mini steamers are another nice option. The miniatures of liquid perfumes or those that come wrapped, individually, with a cloth soaked in your favorite aroma. The advantage of this last format is that you can buy a box with a mix of different perfumes and not just one, so you will not get bored on your trip and you will use one for every day of escape, vacation or work trip. Practical and intelligent options to never leave flirtation aside.

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