The perfumes of royalty

Yodeyma equivalence table

Every queen or princess has her favorites

Season 4 of the Netflix series The Crown sparked a passion for fun facts about the royal family and the customs of kings and queens. Of course, this includes one of the most prized luxury goods: perfumes.

The true jewel of the queen

Events, appointments and protocol visits require a wardrobe preparation that is always accompanied by the touch of a fragrance with personality.

Among the royals’ choices, touches of jasmine or orange blossom stand out as favorite olfactory families.

In this way, Letizia Ortiz, the queen of Spain, adores jasmine. She chooses perfumes with this scent like Gucci Gucci or the classic J’adore by Dior.

The nose experts who set out to analyze the subject, argue that the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middelton prefers the floral notes of orange blossom that recall the soft breeze of the warm moments of the year. Some of them are Armani Code Satin by Giorgio Armani or oriental Love by Kilian.

As for the princess of the people, Lady Di, the absolute protagonist of The Crown series in its most successful season, is related to fragrances that are dissimilar to each other, although there is one that stands out among the others: Faubourg from the sophisticated and iconic brand Hèrmes.

Luxury at earthly prices

To find these bouquets in the heart of fragrances but at convenient prices, it is ideal to look for a company dedicated to reducing costs in packs and advertising of perfumes, but without giving up quality. A great brand that has succeeded is Yodeyma.

We share here the Yodeyma equivalence table

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