The most popular perfumes for men

Yodeyma Equivalences Table 2020

I tell you which are the favorites to give the touch to any outfit.

Wild, fresh, intense, classic, whatever your personality or the moment you want it to accompany, there is a perfume for men that can help you score higher.

Are you interested? I tell you my three favorite perfumes for men:

DIOR Sauvage

The first of the men’s perfumes on the list is signed by one of the most established men’s fashion brands in the world. SAUVAGE is created for free, fresh and spicy spirits that seek to enhance their most sensual side and the most intense looks. Pepper, Calabrian bergamot, geranium, lavender, vetiver, cedar …

Dior homme

A perfume for an avant-garde, classic and powerful man. As a curiosity, it is one of the few perfumes for men that includes iris in its composition. An ingredient present in many women’s fragrances that is a more than pleasant olfactory surprise in a perfume created for a modern man, without fear of breaking schemes.

Y by Yves Saint Laurent

The international face of this Yves Saint Laurent men’s perfume is Adam Levine, and he gives plenty of clues as to what he offers. A rocker considered one of the sexiest in the world. And YVES SAINT LAURENT is created with bergamot, acid limes, mint, violet, pineapple, apple … A powerful fruity and floral base that takes on intensity with incense, ambergris and cedar.

In addition, I share the Yodeyma Equivalences Table 2020, with the October releases. Unmissable!

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