The boom of Korean cosmetics

Natural cosmetics par excellence is designed for early care and is adopted around the world for its combination of ancient secrets with technology

The international success of Korean cosmetics is due to the fact that the Asian continent has extensive knowledge of key skin care.

In addition, it relies on some key points that are valued in the market, they work well and the public strongly appreciates.

1. Friendly pack or container. Korean cosmetic products are often sold in environmentally friendly, ergonomic and eye-catching packaging. Playful, youthful and practical.

2. Mini size. Special products for a purse or to carry in a pocket are the big stars of Korean cosmetics. They are typically small and many are single-use, contrary to the multi-function trend. This makes them more accessible and adopted by a younger audience, who wears them all the time.

3. Good price / quality. They are much cheaper than the same products of a similar mid-range and their quality is good.

4. Effectiveness. They tend to keep the promises they make. If the pack says so, it is because it manages to be effective in that field. Its raw materials are usually of high quality.

5. Natural. Its components are mostly 100% natural, without synthetics and almost without chemical preservatives that alter them. Many contain assets that are essential to their culture, such as green tea.

6. Masks. They are the key product. Entire lines of care are designed around this product, which contains different nourishing and moisturizing assets. To enhance their effectiveness, many are placed cold and stored in the refrigerator until use. The tissue masks are composed of biocellulose and impregnated in serums that vary according to each need: high hydration, anti-aging treatment, treatment for imperfections, dryness, clogged pores, irritation, etc.

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