The best anti-aging creams for men

Creams and serums is not a girl thing anymore.

More and more men take care of themselves. Both inside and out. But to buy a masculine cream, you will have to take into account certain issues: First, your skin is usually more oily, but it can be quickly dehydrated by the activity of sweat cells. As they have a higher concentration of collagen, it is 25% thicker than that of women. The age at which he begins to lose firmness is around 40 years, when his ability to recover is quickly and visibly reduced. His wrinkles with less than that of women but deeper. Its subcutaneous adipose tissue, that is, which is under the skin, is thinner and the fat is distributed differently than on the female face. The cheeks and neck, due to the aggression of shaving, need extra hydration and care. This area is also usually prone to ingrown hair.

The two best product lines that take into account all these specificities are Force Supreme by Biotherme Homme and Total Recharge, from the same brand. In the event that you are looking for more hydration for young skin, or that you do not need that extra energy of the products designed for after 40, there is Acuapower, also from the same laboratory. Of course, there are dozens of brands dedicated to the segment, but the right thing to do will always be to choose one that has developed specific products, consult the labels and their formulations and take into account the characteristics and needs of who will use it. They care that it is effective, but also pleasant, light and with rich aromas. As in the case of women, there are products to treat different areas such as the eye contour, areas with wrinkles, night serums or cleansing creams and daily treatment. Do not stop exploring and enjoying how much this sector in the industry is growing thanks to the growing interest of boys to look and feel good.

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