The 5 best perfumes of 2020

The most chosen of the year: a selection of best-selling fragrances

From the classic aromas to the most innovative fragrances, the favorites of the Amazon platform do not lie and advertise the perfumes that were a success in the year that ends.

Elizabeth Arden’s 5th Avenue is a contemporary classic without time or age. A subtle, elegant aroma, with floral touches such as linden, lily of the valley, lilac, magnolia combined with mandarin and bergamot in the top notes, tuberose, jasmine and Bulgarian rose fused with peach as the center of the perfume and violet, carnation and nutmeg, iris, sandalwood and amber. Its floral touches capture and provide a warm atmosphere and a good contrast with its fruity components.

Tous The perfume of the bear proposes a scent inspired by the world of TOUS jewels and that is why it is a pure and sweet essence like its packaging in pastel pink. With notes like white jasmine, bergamot, violet and white musk, this romantic, floral fragrance is always a hit.

· Good Girl by Carolina Herrera. As its packaging clearly expresses, the scent represents the feminine power of a good stiletto. A perfume endowed with sensuality, style and strength. The sophisticated fragrance makes its way with floral touches that provide a good mix with its fruit essences: acid lime, mandarin, bergamot, among others.

Ma vie by Hugo Boss. A classic of classics for its intense nature and warm and sensual contrast. Contains original ingredients such as cactus flower and pink freesia.

Be Delicious by DKNY. It is a perfume that was launched in 2004 and its creator is Maurice Roucel. It is a fresh fragrance with cucumber, grapefruit, magnolia, and at its heart green apple, lily of the valley, tuberose, violet, rose and woody essences such as sandalwood and amber.

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