The 3 beauty trends that you still need to incorporate

Meetings and virtual celebrations deserve that we continue to be fashionable

Always pursuing the best look, women reinvented this year in the midst of the pandemic the way to groom themselves and enjoy the trends in both make-up and fashion in clothing and styling.

Zoom, social networks or outdoor meetings are the excuse to show new trends in accessories, hairstyles and makeup among friends, family or colleagues or other activities.

Double delineated

Catwalks, also those that were made virtually, show this renewed trend. Whether thick or superfine, double old eye liner is all the rage. The most popular colors are blue, purple and black. It is also used to combine colors: white and pink, purple and black, blue and a brownish tone that merges with the shadow.

It is declared one of the great trends according to Paris Haute Couture.

Rainbow shadow

A cheerful and hopeful proposal that leaves minimalism aside and raises the stakes of makeup as the protagonist. It is about combining colors that contrast and represent the 7 colors of the rainbow even though they are not literally seven.

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