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Yodeyma equivalence table

Luxury and quality fragrances for that precious invisible complement at an unbeatable value

As a gift or personal taste, acquiring a scent is always a plan appreciated by men and women. An aroma defines our being so much that we are willing to spend too much, but is it necessary?

There are other ways to buy perfumes taking care of your pocket and without sacrificing quality. Investigating a little further there is a sea of ​​channels where the most outstanding perfumes are sold but with the difference of aiming at simpler and more ecological packs and containers, not investing in advertising, among other characteristics.

These reproductions have many times the same quality as the originals, only that by saving on these costs, the price is much lower.

These universes of essences have their own recognized brands, among which Yodeyma stands out for its characteristic quality and the way in which its storage and distribution is cared for.

Its collections inspired by seawater, flowers and citrus are known throughout Europe for being as perennial as those marketed by the original brands.

A walk through its listings available online will be enough to appreciate the infinite variety of perfumes, representing the luxury par excellence, with the same ingredients and exclusive compositions such as their formulas with jasmine, orange blossom, Indian sandalwood, among other essences.

We share here the Yodeyma equivalence table

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