Rescue the softness of your hands from the effects of alcohol gel

Did you know that our skin has a natural moisturizer that, when we wash our hands frequently or excessively use disinfectant gel, it is eliminated?

This usually causes dryness, irritation and even cracking, which if we do not combat it can lead to serious skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis; the appearance of eczema on the skin that is accompanied by an unpleasant persistent itching and even small injuries.

Although the care of the hands does not require much time (nor much money), we always leave them for the last. The solution is very easy and fast: keeping them looking good depends on good hydration.

Therefore, I recommend you buy a cream with regenerating and ultra-hydrating properties and apply it often, thus helping to prevent irritation, cracks and dryness.

I leave you my two favorite hand creams:

Atoderm Bioderma hand cream: it is a repairing daily moisturizing treatment that regenerates the most damaged skin and quickly relieves dry and damaged hands-

Biotherm Biomains: contains Pure Thermal Plankton that stimulates cell regeneration and protects the skin against the appearance of age signs and dark spots thanks to UV filters. Intensively nourishes the hands thanks to hydrating agents and a supply of essential fatty acids and fortifies the nails.

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