Perfumes for everyone to ask you, what perfume do you use?

table of equivalences of yodeyma 2021

Don’t you love when they ask you what perfume you are wearing?

It’s great because it makes you feel unique, attractive, it’s like a compliment, whatever sex comes.

That is why I made a list of the autumn perfumes with which everyone will ask you what fragrance you are wearing.

1. Mandarin Blossom by Elizabeth Arden

Another fragrance that breathes freshness with its citrus and tea notes is Mandarin Blossom by Elizabeth Arden, which combines the citrus touch of sweet mandarin, white tea and warm musks to create an energetic aroma that takes you to a field sunny automatically. I love its notes of lemon, tangerine, white tea and neroli, cedar and musk.

2. Rose Tangerine Chloé Signature by Chloé

The iconic Chloé fragrance that smells clean and has an entourage of followers, this fall is covered with notes of the most delicious and citrus in Rose Tangerine Chloé Signature de Chloé and is a rediscovery and a delight that you will not fail to wear to all hours for its fresh rose notes of the original perfume but fused with others of mandarin, black currant, cedar and white amber.

3. Fig & Lotus Flowers by Jo Malone

If you like fragrances with fresh notes of fruits like figs and plums drizzled with dewdrops and bathed in notes of lotus flowers, be sure to try Jo Malone’s Fig & Lotus, a delicious light floral cologne inspired by a pond. dazzling with water-splattered petals and delicious, juicy fruits.

We share the table of equivalences of yodeyma 2021

Have you already decided on one?

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