Manicure tips for them

Manicures have become one of the most fashionable treatments in this age, and men are no exception.

That is why I leave you steps so that you can leave your nails impeccable as if you were in the beauty salon:

1. Filing: depending on the shape of the nails, they are filed more rounded or more square. The important thing is that you always do it in one direction.

2. Cuticles and eponychium: it is about pulling the skin back to clear the nail plate well. If you have a cuticle sticking to the nail plate, use a little cuticle remover or disintegrator to remove it. Never cut live skin.

3. Exfoliation: by means of a gentle peeling, it performs a gentle massage eliminating all the dead cells that the skin stores daily.

4. Hydration: Apply a nourishing cream with moisturizers, and give yourself a pleasant hand and arm massage. This will promote circulation and eliminate the tensions accumulated throughout the day.

5. Polishing: Apply gentle pressure to the foil using a special gloss file to provide a smooth, pleasant texture and a very natural shine to the nail.

Wear hands that are the envy of all, because beauty has no gender!

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