Less cost, same fragrance: Discover the equivalent perfumes of yodeyma

Yodeyma equivalence table

If you like a brand name perfume but don’t want to spend a lot of money, what you can do to save money is take a look at the equivalences of Yodeyma perfumes

I can always get that fragrance I love a lot cheaper!

The best perfumes for men and women, the best sellers, all have their equivalent at less cost.

In Yodeyma’s table of equivalences you can find a wide assortment of excellent imitation perfume for all tastes. There are perfumes for men and women, fresher or more concentrated, citrus, woody, you just have to look for your favorite brand and its equivalent in your table.

I have already tried “The one” by Dolce & Gabanna and the 212 Sexy, they are identical and exquisite!

If you dare to try, in this list I leave you the equivalents of Yodeyma perfumes so that you can take a look the next time you go shopping.

They are exquisite! And you can have them without thinking about costs.

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