Learn to try perfumes without saturating your smell

Learn to try perfumes without saturating your smell

Surely you have been in a perfumery smelling perfumes, and from smelling so much, you begin to lose your sense of smell. And all the aromas smell the same or you just don’t detect any odor anymore!

I give you advice for this moment when for sure, you do not want to be wrong, because a perfume is somewhat expensive and lasts a long time.

Our nose has a limit to clearly appreciate fragrances, after three fragrances, our sense of smell no longer distinguishes the next aroma that we want to smell.

The solution? Smelling coffee beans, since it has the virtue of neutralizing our saturated pituitary gland, something like resetting odors.

After smelling some coffee beans for a few seconds, you will be ready to continue trying correctly a few more perfumes. And you will surely be interested in these extra tips:

Always try the chosen perfumes on the skin. Its pH and level of hydration play a fundamental role in how the fragrance will smell.

Leave on your skin a reasonable distance between each of the perfumes evaluated so that they do not interfere with each other

It is advisable not to evaluate more than four fragrances at the same time.

It is not only necessary to evaluate the exit note, but it is necessary to wait at least more than an hour to analyze the development of the fragrance until it reaches the bottom.

Ready to choose a spectacular perfume?

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