Keys to not making a mistake when choosing a perfume

Verset equivalence table

Surely it has happened to you that you bought a perfume that you did not use later because it was too strong, too soft or not for you, right? And is that choosing the right fragrance may have some secrets.

Think of you

Perfumes are personal. It is useless to imitate the one that your friend or some famous person has, because fragrances do not feel the same to all people. This is due to the pH of the skin, in addition to the different tastes or styles. So see how the fragrance relates to your skin. When placed in it, it gives off a unique olfactory sensation. The pH varies, but in addition, the odorous molecules dissolve according to the amount of lipids in the epidermis of each person. We all have a different ratio. In addition, they interact with the skin microflora, which is what protects the skin and is different depending on the diet we eat, age and other factors. Therefore, smell the perfumes that you like and observe their evolution in you and only in you.

Personality and aroma

The market offers colognes, perfumes, fresh waters. Choosing is not easy. To define it, consider whether you want a sophisticated or fresher scent. To evaluate the durability you want, which is determined by the alcohol content and the concentration of essences, determine the amount of perfume in the composition. For example, eau de cologne has an amount of perfume that varies between 1.5 and 2.5 percent in an alcohol content that goes between 65 and 75 degrees.


It must be taken into account that sprays are ideal to apply, they do not break the olfactory particles, but they have the disadvantage of evaporating before. As for solids, they are ideal for dry skin. The texture is emollient and the aroma lingers and melts into the skin. The oily base, as it does not have alcohol, is better tolerated by sensitive skin.

Time to time

When choosing your perfume, spread a few drops and wait for it to dry. Once put, it is released in three aromatic phases, entry, heart and top notes. Smell them all and then decide. The first phase occurs within minutes, but the other two will be revealed throughout the day. Do not rush. Let it act, check how it behaves and the next day you can make your decision.

So that you can find your ideal perfume, I share the Verset equivalence table with the novelties of this season: Majesty, Preziose, Sunshine, Choice and D’arte, which are the replicas of INTERDIT (Givenchy), LIBRE (Yves Saint Laurent) , IDOLE (Lancome), AVENTUS (Creed) and COLONIA (Acqua di parma).

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