If it’s original, is it better?

If it is original is it better

How much myth and how much truth

All perfumes are made from essential oils, alcohols and chemicals that work as fixatives so that the aroma does not evaporate as quickly. So why are original perfumes believed to be synonymous with quality? This is often not the case: there are top quality imitations that use excellent raw materials.

These represent a trend in the market that grows behind a concept that bets on simplicity, quality and good price: it combines a single brand with sustainability. Although a perfume is a luxury good, there is a new consumer who is no longer willing to pay for expensive packaging, with sophisticated printing techniques and packaging design. He prefers quality at a better price.


The truth is that the parent companies -such as Dior, Chanel, Lancome- launched to create original perfumes follow fashion trends, they investigate what is the aroma that represents the consumer at that time and what can be a commercial success added to the innovative and creative who want to print as an imprint.

Once the fusion of notes and the concept that will go behind are achieved, they are patented in the name of the house, but the truth is that imitations appear in the most remote parts of the world soon after. This is because the original formula, which of course had creative and research costs, can be reproduced almost identically in a laboratory and from a technological device, at a lower cost. Almost with the same composition, chemistry or with almost imperceptible differences.

The secret of good imitation will be in maintaining quality and subtracting investment in packaging and prior research. Original perfumes are generally released as 20% eau de toillete in pure essential oil concentration or 25% perfume water. Concentration offers durability on the skin. Therefore, as long as those are the concentrations of the imitation and the products used are the same, that the original ones are better is a myth. Of course, in both cases the duration on the skin has to do with various issues such as the pH of the skin, whether it is oily, dry skin, sweating and environmental humidity.

That is to say, acquire quiet good imitations, which save on costs that have nothing to do with the quality of the product and smell divine without overspending.

I share with you the Yodeyma 2020 equivalency table, so you can see it by yourself.

Perfums - Equivalency table Yodeyma 2020

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