How to have Jennifer López’s curlers?

The ninth curlers are back and JLO’s stylist, Chris Appleton, made public all the tips to achieve them

The singer Jennifer López, rather than following fashion, she usually imposes it. She steps on the red carpet or shows in networks and her looks become a trend.
And although since Chris Appleton works with the artist, it seems that every time she appears she is another JLo. The stylist usually reinvents her over and over again, fixing her hair in different ways, but without a doubt, her look with her ninth waves was all the rage among her fans.
Perhaps that is why she shared a tutorial on YouTube that has more than 25 thousand visits and gave various interviews where she confessed all the secrets of the style that impacted her followers.

Step by Step

  1. Moisten the hair. This is done to reshape the pattern of the hair and form the curl. Of course, afterwards it will be necessary to place an «antifrizz» product that does not leave an electric sensation and provides control. This step can be summed up like this: hold, smoothness and definition.
  2. Once the hair is soaked in the product, it is done “finger coiling”, that is to say, form the curls with the fingers.
  3. With the integrated product, dry with a diffuser dryer. To achieve more volume, do it with the head upside down. If you are not looking for so much volume, it can be done with the normal head but by squeezing and releasing the rollers with an upward movement to mark them.
  4. When it is practically dry, a moisturizing oil is applied to add shine and give entity to each roller.
  5. The end result should never be rigid. Move your head side to side to check.

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