How to get rid of dark circles?

Know the best tricks

The causes of having dark circles can be multiple. From diet to liver dysfunction, the way we apply a treatment or the way we wear glasses.

Blue light is one of the worst things that can happen to our dark circles. Since beyond the premature aging and the damage that the light of the screens and some artificial lights generate in the quality of the skin they induce visual fatigue, why? Because they cause less flickering. Then the eye becomes dry and irritated, it swells and the fatty deposits compress the orbit, creating the bags. The ideal is to use anti-blue light glasses, slightly tinted yellow, when we are in front of a screen and put tears in our eyes to lubricate them. In addition, we can clean them with saline solution in the morning and at night, so that they retain their moisture.

Some easy solutions

* Place cold compresses with ice or cloths and a decongestant mixture – it is also valid to do it with two slices of fresh cucumbers – on the eyes and around the area for a few minutes, exerting gentle pressure as much as possible.

* Reduce the consumption of liquids before going to bed at night, and the same with the intake of salt.

* Sleep on your back and with your head slightly elevated, to see if it is enough, we must take into account that it is higher than the feet. This is so that fluid does not collect around the eyes.

* Avoid allergens and consult your doctor about prevention strategies.

* Prepare a homemade decongestant with 20 grams of black tea leaves, 20 of walnut leaves and 20 of oak bark. It is made by boiling a tablespoon of mixture for a cup of water for 3 minutes. It should be allowed to infuse for 10 minutes and then filter, store in the refrigerator or freezer to use in compresses.

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