How to choose fragrances according to the season?

The perfumery industry is inexhaustible. It offers us various options at all times, but are there more suitable aromas in the hot season and others for the colder segment of the year? Find out, in this note.

The range of fragrances on the market is endless: fashion is reinventing itself by definition and never disappointing. But in that eternal cycle, some trends can be seen and how they accompany the aroma with which the skin is perfumed. And while we should always choose products according to our own taste and style, there are undoubtedly types of perfumes. Therefore, it is advisable to know these questions in order to acquire the one that we like the most, according to each time of the year.

Spring is the climate of rebirth. The sun begins to shine with more force, the flowers sprout, the trees recover their leaves and the song of the birds is heard. Lightness and innocence float in the air. Change the environment, the mood. It is, of course, the time for floral perfumes, with notes of lilies, peonies, violets. These express the delicacy of feminine forms, their softness and freshness. Green perfumes are also suitable for this climate. Reminiscent of the forest and its dense forests the notes of moss and oak. The floral and fruity fragrances with sweet notes illustrate the general feeling of happiness of this season. It is the ideal time to exploit sensuality and innovate with tropical fragrances that contain exotic fruits. Near summer, the most indicated aromas are citrus, lighter and lighter, marine, fresh, with notes such as grapefruit, jasmine water, lotus flower, water lily, algae and so many more.

In autumn and winter, fragrances tend to be more perennial. At this time the temperatures drop again and the season returns to the ocher, brown and terracotta that combine perfectly with the notes of orange, tangerine and everything is tinged with the orange-red of which the trees dress before stripping their branches. Woody, intense and sensual aromas reign like patchouli, sandalwood or cedar with notes of musk and spices. If the climate is inhospitable, the aromas that emanate heat are appropriate. Oriental fragrances with aromas such as vanilla, cinnamon, spices or aromatic herbs find the opportunity to express themselves fully.

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