Hairstyles for short hair in 2020

Hairstyles for short hair in 2020

I tell you how to comb your short hair to give your look a spin.

As many celebrities were making short haircuts, the trend was on the rise and the fashion for short hair prevailed over long hair hairstyles.

These are the looks I like the most to exploit your haircut to the fullest.


This haircut became very famous from the 50s, where rock and roll music was in fashion and Elvis Presley was a benchmark for styling with toupees, in the best style of other music references such as Jerry Lee Lewis and Johnny Cash. The fixing lacquer is the best option to handle the jopo, along with the dryer.


It arises from the late 70s with the social and cultural movement of punk and then continued as a fashion trend.

If you are more playful and you like to use short hair but also shaved on the sides and with a crest, it is the one with the most wave. You need a hair dryer, lacquer, and if you dare, spray colors.


It is also called elf hairstyle or elf hairstyle, and it is widely used because it is a fashion and beauty trend this year. If you want to use a youthful haircut, of course this is the most recommended to use.With the blow dryer, comb forward and give a final touch on the ends with the irons.

The secret of the Pixie is that by wearing it shorter on the sides on both the left and right sides, and at the back of the neck, it will be better for you.


This cut is more formal and timeless, there is no trend. Just because the garzon hairstyle is classic doesn’t mean it can’t be modern and you give it a personal touch.

You can add jelly or gel, as well as wax to give it a wet or shiny effect.

This serves to mark the hairstyle and the stripe, but if your idea is to use it with a more informal look, it is best to use it tousled with your fingers.

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