Do you want to know what is behind an exquisite perfume?

Qué hay detrás de un exquisito perfume

An expert! Find out how «noses» are trained and worked

A fragrance has the ability to set people on fire. An aroma takes us back to an era, brings us the memory of a love bond lost in time or simply joy, melancholy or an explosion of energy. Without a doubt the aromatic paths can touch the soul. They come to the memory and history of each one. In the industry, none of this is left to chance. «Noses» are a fundamental link in the creation of new perfumes, a segment that moves with the rhythm of fashion: more than 300 are launched each year. Just over a dozen, it survives on the market longer.

To a large extent, this depends on the professionals who work like true alchemists and take care of mixing odors and transforming them into the final result, which is the packaged perfume. They are people trained in the olfactory aspect, who know very well the more than 5,000 components available to create. You also have access to information on trends, consumer tastes, usage habits, etc. This allows him to work with teams made up of fashion designers and the great perfumery cases coincide – or dialogue – with the spirit of the collections with the fragrances they launch on the market. They may or may not have a degree in Chemistry and are generally frequent travelers. A profession of luxury, necessary, precious and attractive.

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