Do you want to know the best express treatments to shape the body?

Trends in non-invasive methods to achieve a dream figure

The fashion is not to go under the knife. Technology advanced long enough that firming, contouring and improving the texture of the skin of the entire body can be achieved without surgery or major discomfort. Therefore, we tell you the best express treatments to go out and show off without complexes.

The options are varied: reduce cellulite, tighten sagging skin, eliminate stubborn fat that neither diet nor the gym can remove and other wonders are possible thanks to science.

Radio frequency. They also call it the liposuction technique without surgery. It is a cutting-edge technology: a non-invasive and painless method that aims to eliminate fat deposits in difficult places. The ultracavitation system destroys localized adipocytes, thus reducing the circumference of centimeters. It uses low frequencies, which allows it to reach the deepest fat cells. It does not require rest or has risks.

Tri-Active Laser Dermology. It is used to treat cellulite combined with flaccidity. The results are amazing but they are observed in 8 weeks, if the frequency of the sessions is at least two per week. Activate three mechanisms at the same time. Localized cooling reduces edema, the mechanical system performs rhythmic suction massages and in this way reactivates collagen and elastin fibers. The laser heads act in depth at the same time, stimulating the arterial and lymphatic microcirculation, eliminating nodules and achieving a smooth and toned surface. Toxins are eliminated, the tissues are oxygenated and this will result in a smooth, firm skin and contour modeling.

Maxi Corpo. It is recommended for edematous cellulite and flaccidity. Activates circulation and venous return. It emits sustained and uniform electrical stimuli, which improves muscle tone. You can thus shape and tone large areas such as buttocks, abs, adductors. Sessions last between 20 and 30 minutes.

Pressotherapy. Ideal for diagnoses of insufficient lymphatic circulation causing swelling and cellulite. It acts by applying boots that press when inflamed and deflated, thus removing excess fluid accumulated in tissues, accelerating venous and lymphatic return. Relieves and gives a pleasant sensation at the end of the sessions. It is recommended once a week to totally eliminate heaviness and fatigue in the lower limbs.

Cryolipolysis. Reduces accumulations of fat in various areas of the body by applying cold. Fat cells collapse with this system. Then, they are eliminated naturally. It is the most effective method except for surgery to remove fat.

Other more traditional treatments are still lymphatic drainage and mesotherapy, but the important thing is to get advice and be aware that any treatment must be accompanied by good eating and exercise habits so that they last over time. It is also good to mention that the commercial names may vary from one cosmetic center to another, but you should always inform yourself about the technologies with which an esthetician will treat your body.

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