Do you know the benefits of hot springs?

Health and beauty thanks to a natural wonder.

To get an idea of ​​its benefits we must know the origin of this prodigy. These waters are born in the underground layers of the earth that are at higher temperatures. Rainwater enters the fissures of the earth and when it reaches the depth it heats up due to the magmatic space. These waters are impregnated with the minerals found in the different layers of the earth. And, of course, the different minerals it has depends on the characteristics of the earth, but all hot springs stand out for their purity, since being so deep they filter, which eliminates bacteria and other polluting factors. Beyond technicalities and differences between the different thermal waters due to the different areas from which they come, it is known that they eliminate toxins from the body if they are used for natural immersion baths. According to experts, a toxin-free body better absorbs nutrients and minerals, strengthening defenses. This is also reflected in the freshness and radiance of the skin. In addition, it increases oxygenation and the functioning of the tissues in general.

Of course, the hot springs are used by cosmetic laboratories to formulate their products for sensitive and irritated skin. In its aerosol version, they are ideal for treating psoriasis, rosacea on the face and other parts of the body, they improve fungi and dermatitis and repair the skin in general. The therapeutic properties also include its anti-inflammatory capacity, acceleration of healing and relief of chronic diseases such as gingivitis, glossitis, etc.

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