Do you know the animal flow?

An original way to train

Among the various ways of exercising the body, strengthening it and giving it flexibility is a novel form inspired by the movements of wild animals. It only uses body weight without the need for elements and was created by Mike Fitch. It improves strength, coordination, and joint function and is excellent as a workout for a healthy weight.

In classes, most of the time you work in a quadruped position, that is, your hands and feet are on the floor. Thus, different postures that abound in the different species of the animal kingdom are imitated in a kind of fluid dance where one pose is repeated and then another follows. In this way, the key to this discipline is movement: because the fluidity with which they chain together is important, without maintaining repeated positions too many times. In this sense, you can approach the sun salutation in Yoga, where a continuous movement between asanas is created.

Strength, mobility and flexibility are its three pillars. The method, based on the work of the body with its own weight, is very versatile and suitable for all people, whatever their starting point. The fitness family has already embraced this way of training because it is fun and complete, and it works the whole body from head to toe.

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