Discover the perfumes with the most unusual ingredients

You will be surprised by its original notes that are an invitation to dream!

Perfumers unleash their creativity and combine original notes that make the imagination fly. Dior perfumer François Demachy said: «a perfume is like a kitchen recipe, and if there is a small difference in each ingredient, the sum of all is a big difference».

These are the most original and unusual that I tried:

With Italian Campari

I love Ferragamo. The delicious touch of this aperitif is highlighted in this floral oriental fragrance combined with notes of black currant and rosemary, as a first impression. And then: jasmine and other flowers, rhubarb and mate.

With cotton candy

Sundazed, Byredo. It evokes the happiness of summer, with all the time ahead and under the sun. Its top notes are fresh: lemon and mandarin; and soon after the floral notes of sambac jasmine and neroli are perceived. And at the bottom: cotton candy and musk.

Smelling like an English cliff

Wood Sage & Sea Salt. It evokes a walk on a cold beach on the English coast, the smell of salt in the wind mixes with the aroma of sand, bushes, rocks.

Scented like popcorn

Tous Happy. To recreate moments of happiness, which I imagine dyed blue by the color of the sky and the sea and with sweet notes of fruit.

Do you want to try any?

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