Dare to the haircut «peaky blinders»

A style that has gone completely viral and super cool for the summer!

It is neither more nor less than the latest dandy style: rural and cosmopolitan at the same time. An adaptable style, a haircut that fits in any situation.

If you are already determined to ask your trusted barber for a «Peaky blinders» cut, I will tell you how to indicate it with total precision.

The «shelby» (by Thomas Shelby, protagonist of the series), is a reissued undercut, adapted to new trends.

Specifically, instead of degrading the sides and the back of the hair – as is done in the undercut – in this style they are shaved evenly to create a strong contrast.

The upper part of the hair should be much longer. This is to make it possible to change the position of the bangs from one side to the other. Depending on its natural movement – but never backwards.

Finally: texturize it to provide extra volume to the upper area of ​​the hair and, at the same time, to fix it, use a natural wax or gel so that not a hair moves even if you do not stop all day.

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