Curious facts that you did not know about perfumes

It is one of the most frequent gifts but there are still questions to discover in the world of fragrances to give and give yourself

· The aroma tends to be liked or disliked immediately or intuitively. It is a sense that does not need to travel through the neural system and spinal cord unlike taste or touch. It reaches the olfactory bulb of the limbic system directly from the nose.

· The same perfume smells different in one person or another. The phenotype of the skin is mixed with the aroma of the fragrance, giving very different results that have to do with whether we are blonde or brunette, how we feed ourselves and the pH of each skin, as well as its oily components that react differently to the perfume oils.

· If you are shopping and in order not to saturate your nose, coffee is a good «ally» to clean perfumes. When your nose is confused, you can «reset» it by smelling coffee.

· Women have a sharper sense of smell than men. This is believed to be due to the fact that the female gender has more physically developed the prefrontal orbital area of ​​the brain.

· With age the smell decreases and this occurs after 60 years. This is why older people perfume themselves excessively and prefer intense aromas.

The recommendation about placing the perfume in the pulse areas (behind the ears, on the inside of the wrists, in the inner crease of the elbow, clavicles and behind the knees) is because being areas of higher temperature it takes more to evaporate. There the blood pressure is closer to the surface of the skin and this produces a constant release of the chosen perfume.

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