Can large pores be removed?

Of course! On this note, everything you have to know

They are tiny and annoying holes generally located in the T-zone of the face, associated with an insufficiently clean face and with little elasticity. However, there are several ways to reduce them and improve the appearance of facial skin, and transform a thick dermis into a smooth and uniform one. Not to despair and take note of the advice of the specialists.

What is an enlarged pore?

 It is a small hole through which sebum and sweat come out. It happens that there are enlarged pores that are completely open and even almost extended. They are usually located on the sides of the nose, on the cheeks, or in the T-zone of the face. This is because the sebaceous glands are more present and more productive in those areas.

What is the difference between a blackhead and an enlarged pore?

Known as a comedo, the blackhead is something of the undesirable consequence of the enlarged pore. It is that when the pores are completely open, the impurities lodge there and clog them. The blackhead is a totally blocked pore.

Causes of a large pore

The consequences can be varied. They can be due to poor skin cleansing, bad products or comedics, which do not allow the skin to breathe. Also, to bad actions such as excess makeup and lack of subsequent cleaning. Also, there is the aging factor. Just as elasticity is lost with age, the structure around the pore collapses and pores can widen naturally, doubling in diameter between 25 and 45 years. Of course, the sun’s rays, cigarette smoking, etc. are aggravating to the dilation of pores. By affecting collagen and elastin, this will affect the structure and result in enlarged pores.


First of all, maintaining proper hygiene is key. Removing makeup is important and doing it with soft and suitable products, even more so. An oil or a balm with a vegetable composition that respects the sensitivity of this area of ​​the skin is recommended.

The post-cleanse tonic lotion will help close your pores, tightening them. A product with astringent properties that is alcohol-free will be needed so as not to hurt the skin. It is optimal if it is treated with a cotton pad and the excess is removed with a tissue. Finally, the skin is treated with moisturizer and serum. On the other hand, once a week it is convenient to perform a deep exfoliation under the shower. Cleansing the skin thoroughly will loosen dead cells that tend to harden around the pores with age if not removed. Be careful not to rub and exfoliate with light, gentle movements without using force. Another recommended treatment is fruit acids, based on AHA, to help close open pores.

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