Britney Spears Fitness Secrets

The star shares her tips for having «buttocks of steel»

A personal gym, a lot of wanting to work out, and staying busy to keep legal troubles with her father Jamie Spears at bay are some of the likely reasons the Princess of Pop fell in love with fitness.

Thus, the singer Britney Spears (39) usually gives lessons on the networks about her training plan. Her fans take notice.

Britney Spears’ best exercises

From her instagram account @britneyspears, the star made an impact by showing that she knows about muscle toning routines. She drew attention not only the number of repetitions she performs (up to 50 minimum) but the fusion that she does with some resources and yoga postures to make the muscles work better.

When she wants to train with more intensity she performs high kicks (high sideways and diagonal kicks) and pineapples in the air with expert kickboxing movements.

This gives you an unbeatable workout to burn fat and tone your body at the same time. In addition, the movements work coordination and release stress.

Concentration, strength and balance is what the diva works when she does sit-ups with a ball. The ball forces the muscle to contract to maintain balance.

Of course, she also does weights. She manages to lift almost 20 kilograms to strengthen arms and shoulders.

The superstar stressed that it is also important to meditate and after doing physical activity, spend a good time stretching.

Her favorite is the split stretching.

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