Back to the 80’s

Back to the 80's

Disco shades, glitter, fluo and a lot of rock as protagonists of the trends in cosmetics and fashion.

The latest catwalks in Paris, New York and Milan adhere to retro shades inspired by the 80’s. To its forms, its shrillness and its spirit. And from there, it prevails in shades, perfumes, enamels and lipsticks. All products say present in a super inspiring and feminine trend.

In this decade, fashion changed dramatically so that glamor definitely reigned. Lauren created her classic American language and although she only launched two Monogram and Chaps Musk fragrances, her work and inspiration was present in closets around the planet. Many perfumers, dressmakers, filmmakers and artists followed his legacy. But what was created was undoubtedly an unforgettable decade to which fashion occasionally resorts. And it resurfaces strongly, while renewing itself.

This time, the catwalks added glitter and fluo looks with a revival of the eighties and the boom of the album. However, adapted to the times, the modern look that prevails, is still subtle. If we highlight with a line of purple eyeliner the eyes, it is smoothed in the mouth, cheeks and a more nude lipstick is used. David Bowie, Maddona, Cyndi Lauper are the inspiration. The star tones? Purple, pink, blue. 

Of course, in contrast to the sophistication that followed as a trend in the 90s, the 80s was characterized by abundance: overlapping textures and a large amount of perfume and lipstick, powder shadows and cream and mask for colored eyelashes. A bold and unforgettable fashion that inspires us forever in what comes and will come from this infinite and magical fashion and beauty industry.

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