Are there perfumes that seduce more than others?

Know the most irresistible aromatic notes

Have you ever seen someone with different eyes because they smelled very good? It is more frequent than you think. And this is because there are aromas that seduce. The link between seduction and smell is as old as civilization.

They say that Cleopatra, the queen of Egypt, bewitched by her perfumes and elixirs. And it must be true. Psychologists say that the area of ​​the brain that processes emotions is the same as the one that is responsible for classifying aromas. And certain aromas can make us feel stimulated, excited and ecstatic.

Some fragrances, such as Amour de Kenzo, fuse sensuality with freshness and for both men and women join the scent of the person, remembering that it is unique, intimate and particular, giving a pleasant effect almost impossible to resist. We can say that the relationship between musk and sexy is quite direct, it easily awakens all the senses.

The sweet of the vanilla, although it is a simple aroma, is an aphrodisiac. It can cause stimulation and excitement in both men and women. It is usually included in sensual fragrances in two intensities, soft, almost sweet, as an invitation or strong, intense and wild. Vanilla produces the feeling of happiness and is one of the most appreciated in the world.

On the other hand, jasmine is the most sensual note of all. Bulgari’s Jasmine Noir synthesizes it incredibly well: it is a perfume with a sweet floral note with an animal touch thanks to the presence of indolence, an aromatic compound. Jasmine gives off a fragrance by day and another by night and this is what this perfume reflects perfectly. Each of these options are pure temptation. Find yours.

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