7 tips for perfect brows

The eyebrows have become the area in which we pay more attention every day and have become protagonists of the face.

But to help you get a spectacular look, I gathered some tips that will be very useful to take care and grow your eyebrows.

1. Never completely wax them

Removing all the hairs on your eyebrow will make it more difficult for you to naturally re-apply makeup. Better leave a thicker area at the beginning and a thin line towards the end, this way you can use it as a base to draw your new eyebrows on it.

2. Choose your eyebrow according to the shape of your face

If your face is oval the best option is thin designs with a small angle in the curve, and if it is circular then you can opt for a similar but slightly thicker pattern so that it does not get lost. Curved eyebrows are only compatible with those with a heart-shaped face, while straight designs favor those with an elongated jaw.

3. Find a makeup according to the color of your hair

The worst mistake you can make is wearing black eyebrows when your hair is blonde, or vice versa. To avoid this, try to find a shade tone and a pencil the same color as your hair, and a slightly lighter concealer to outline your eyebrows and give them light.

4 Take care of the space between them

A very simple way to know how far apart your eyebrows should be is to line them up to your nostrils. Draw an imaginary straight line that goes from the sides of your nose to your forehead, passing through the tear, and you will find the perfect distance.

5 Make-up from the inside out

Always start applying makeup from the thickest part to the edges, and remember to start with a powder shadow applied with a brush, then with the eyeliner to fill it, and finally use a concealer to perfectly mark the bottom line and make it look defined.

6 Give consistency to your design

For a more realistic finish, dampen the brush you will use a little, or spray your shades with hair spray. This way they will have a more solid consistency and will give your brows a little more volume.

7. Brush them constantly

Sometimes it is not necessary to completely make up the eyebrows, but it is enough to comb them to get all the hairs to align and obtain a defined shape. In addition, this helps stimulate their growth and improve their appearance naturally.

With these tips, your gaze will undoubtedly stand out.

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