4 amazing low cost lashes masks

Proven: Price does not always define quality. I’m going to recommend you that mascara that will make you ask «are you wearing fake?» and you’re going to spend less on it than you could ever imagine.

That is why I wanted to make a compilation of the most TOP eyelash masks according to the type of eyelashes you have and your needs, because a hair applicator is not the same as a silicone one.

W7 Absolute Lashes Eyelash Mascara

This mask is ideal if what you want is to separate the lashes well. It is not a mascara that gives volume, because its bristles are long and hard. Therefore, it is ideal to use after another mask that is denser.

Maybelline New York Lash Sensational Mascara

This mask is ideal if you want super long lashes. I really like it and it’s the one I used, but then I put it aside because it’s more expensive. Even so, it is quite well priced and is more accessible because they are sold in all supermarkets. The great disadvantage is that it tests on animals, a decisive factor if you are for cruelty free.

L’Oréal Paris Make-up Designer Paradise Extatic mascara for volume and length

I recommend this because I love it, since I tried it I fell in love, it is wonderful. It is with a hair applicator and leaves the eyelashes with a lot of volume.

Bioaqua 2 steps mascara

The Bioaqua brand is becoming very popular for its treatment and makeup products at an affordable price, it works in two steps: first, the white part is applied, which nourishes and adds volume to the eyelash, and then the black mascara, which gives color and lengthens the eyelashes. It has a format very similar to some L’Oreal brand masks but at a tenth of its price.

I hope my recommendations serve you!

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